Monday, September 21, 2009

Lego creations!

My friend Julie over at Just Playin' Around posted an entry about a creation her son C built with Duplos. So I wanted to share Wyatt's most recent creations. He will spend hours just building with his Duplos. We have about 3 or 4 huge buckets of them, so I am sure the possibilities are endless!

It is so fun watching him build, and he occasionally asks me to help as well (usually when something falls off!) He is such a fun little man!

Montessori Method and Preschool

I have always home schooled through preschool, using a Montessori type (child-led) method, with some typical structure thrown in, for school readiness. Certain aspects of the Montessori Method can be scaled down to a homeschooling environment, which works best for preschoolers!

During the day I will take out the sorters, foam letters, coloring sheets, and other learning resources. Throughout the day, I let Wyatt lead me to what he wants to do, and we learn from there. If he wants to go outside and look at the flower, we do that

Or if he decides to play with some State cards...

He also loves to read his books and play with his LEap Frog learning toy.

Every moment can be a teaching moment! I love the Montessori Method because it gives the child a chance to leaen what they feel like learning that day!