Friday, May 16, 2008

Benefits of Kindermusik

What the Experts Are Saying
Current research on brain development confirms that early learning and stimulation such as activities performed in Kindermusik class greatly enhance a child's overall development.  With the creation of Kindermusik Village™, Kindermusik International's newest curriculum for newborns to 1 ½ years, Kindermusik Foundations of Learning™ were introduced. Kindermusik Foundations of Learning insights are based on the most current early childhood development research, communicated in class by the educator and printed on materials that go home to extend the learning process. These "foundations" provide information about how Baby learns, why certain activities are included in each lesson and how to extend these activities at home. Kindermusik Foundations of Learning insights have always been implied in Kindermusik curricula, but have never been as strongly integrated as they are now. Following are perspectives of early child development experts on the many benefits of Kindermusik.
Language Development
"Playing with objects such as the scarf play in Kindermusik Village encourages a baby to make sounds and words and helps her anticipate outcomes which are central to conversational development and language acquisition. Varying pitches between high and low in Kindermusik class stimulates these first foundations for a baby or young child's learning the variety of sounds of language."
Dan DeJoy, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathologist
Attention and Inhibitory Control
"Kindermusik addresses a child's development in many various and powerful ways. Repeated exposure to musical activities develops important cognitive and behavioral skills. Some musical activities can help develop inhibitory control - the ability to control or stop one's movements. Also, changing volume, rate and pitch in songs and activities teaches a child discrimination, a crucial factor to listening and language processing."
Ed Dougherty, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist
Movement and Physical Development
"Children learn through movement and music is movement. Repetition of movements, demonstrated in the Kindermusik Movement Chart, is important for brain and motor development. Movement requiring both horizontal and vertical tracking of the eye facilitates language development for reading readiness."
Anne Green Gilbert, Movement Specialist, Author, Creative Dance for All Ages, and Director, Creative Dance Center
Special Needs Children
"Music as a curriculum in its own right is a valuable one. There are no winners or losers in Kindermusik class - the only competition is with one's self, which is a crucial part of educating children with special needs. Kindermusik incorporates not only the joy of music but also movement, touch, listening and socialization that are so important for children with varying abilities."
Stuart J. Schleien, Ph.D., Professor and Department Head, Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"When introduced appropriately, music and literature play an amazing role in the development of infants and toddlers. I'm happy that Kindermusik has extended its programs to include this time of life when brain development is most vulnerable and parents are most in need of support and direction."
Claudia Quigg M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director of Baby TALK Baby TALK is an organization headquartered in Decatur, Illinois dedicated to helping parents become better parents to their children. The program is affiliated with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton's "Touchpoints" project. In existence since 1986, Baby TALK programs have been replicated in more than 150 communities across 20 states and Canada.
Development of the Whole Child
"Development is not a straight line, but rather a zigzag pattern. Kindermusik is developmentally appropriate and allows children to grow at their own pace. A child's development is a natural and enjoyable process, and Kindermusik's idea of "a good beginning never ends" suggests just this - it gives parents permission to be themselves and allows them to have fun with their children."
Dan DeJoy, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathologist

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