Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday toot MEME

So where do I start? My oldest is going into the gifted program for math this coming year for 4th grade. I am SOOO proud of him. He is my little smarty pants, and also my ADHD kid. I would love to bottle up that energy and sell it on the black market! My middle is going to kindergarten. She is SO very excited and wanted me to buy her workbooks. I bought her 3. They should be lasting the whole summer, but she seems to want to do them all right now!!! My youngest has almost 100 words! You can see them here. He has 34 signs, 48 spoken words, 10 2 word signed sentences, 15 spoken 2 word sentences, and 2 THREE word SPOKEN sentences! (LOL I have the feeling if he was a girl, he would have more words!! He is also very busy, and will no longer sit for a "session" of signing!! )
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