Sunday, July 27, 2008

11 Tips for signing success

1. Choose 3-5 signs that are meaningful to you and your baby. Learn the signs and be
comfortable with using them (recommended 1st signs are “MORE”, “MILK” and
2. Make the sign for the word as you say it. “You are cr ying! Do you want some
3. Make eye contact with your baby as you sign and make the sign as close to your face
as possible.
4. Until your baby starts signing back, you may want to repeat or slightly exaggerate the
motion used in the sign. Babies’ eyes are drawn toward movement.
5. Babies learn through repetition. Invite family members, childcare providers and
friends to sign with you.
6. Never pressure babies to sign or make them feel that you are disappointed when they
don’t sign. Just keep signing and be patient.
7. When your baby does sign back, affirm that you understand - and congratulate your
baby on her/his achievement!
8. Children will not always make the sign correctly. Accept your baby’s approximations
and continue to model the sign as it should be made. Eventually, most children will
learn to form the sign correctly.
9. Include signs in your life but don’t “force feed” or aggressively teach signs. Let
signing occur naturally. Resist the temptation to show-off your children or ask them
to display their ne w talents.
10.Make it FUN! Enjoy the deep sense of connection you will feel with your baby
when you begin to have meaningful two-way conversations.
11.BE PATIENT! Your baby will learn to sign, but at his/her own pace.

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