Monday, July 21, 2008

I deserve ICE CREAM!

So over at Moms in a Blog,they are having a contest to win ICE CREAM!!!!

I sure could use some free ice cream! Why you ask? Well, let's see. I just stood by my friend as her marriage broke apart for about 2 months. Luckily, they made up, or I would have had to kill him! My oldest son's ADHD is causing him to be very angry and unsure of how to deal with a lot of emotions. I think I go to bed crying nightly, because I feel like I am failing him. My daughter may have ASD. This in itself was almost enough to send me over the edge!

The baby keeps getting sick. Fever after fever! A UTI, brochitis, sinus infections, ear infections that take months to go away...and I could go on.

And of course, a husband who does not understand WHY I ask him for a few hour alone every once in a while. Who thinks that is it OK to tell my kids that I am going out with friends because I can't handle them! UGH

Yea, so a quart or 2 of some chocolate peanut butter ice cream, kind of like this

Would be HEAVEN!! I don't need first place, lol, heck, even if someone sent me one quart, I would be all kinds of happy!

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