Sunday, August 10, 2008

Transitioning Back to School

Can you believe it’s time for your kids to trade in their bathing suits for backpacks? The bell is about to ring on another school year – are you ready?
Some children are eager to return to the classroom. Some miss their friends, others miss the food. But, not every child has found a reason to be excited about school. It can be especially difficult for tweens.
Transitioning from summertime fun and freedom to classroom structure and stress can be a big adjustment. To help your tween handle the change, be positive and supportive. Here are a few suggestions that parents have shared with us that can make a difference in your child’s outlook:
  • Be positive about school. Talk to your children about the good things that happen at school. Tell them about your positive experiences.
  • Set the expectation that education is important and that your children need school. They should be made aware of your expectation as early as possible.
  • Be understanding when they tell you about their frustrations. Expect your children to feel some stress related to subjects, tests, peers, assignments, and even teachers.
  • Listen to what your kids tell you about school. Sometimes all they want is for you to hear about what their day was like and what’s going on in their lives. Be supportive and attentive.
  • Visit the school. See what happens during the school day. Chat with administrators and teachers.
  • Praise your children’s effort and their accomplishments.
These are just a few of the simple steps you can take to help your children start the new school year off on the right foot.

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