Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vote and Show Leadership for Parenting Education


Last week you
received an announcement from the National Effective Parenting
Initiative (NEPI) about working with President-elect Obama to
Make Effective Parenting and
Parenting Education a Presidential Priority

Now there is
something YOU can do right away to
make this a reality! 

The President-elect has
created a vehicle for submitting ideas for how citizens think his
administration should change America. It's called "Ideas for Change
in America." 

I've submitted an
idea on behalf of NEPI and am asking everyone I know if they
would take a look at it. We need you to do

We are in
competition with many other ideas that have been

The top 10
ideas with the most votes will be presented to the Obama
administration on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a
national lobbying campaign run by, MySpace, and more than
a dozen leading nonprofits after the Inauguration.
If we get the most
votes parenting education has a real chance at becoming
The title is:
Make Parenting Education a National Priority. You can read
and vote for the idea by clicking on the following
(NOTE: When you click on the vote button (which has the
number of people who have already voted) you will be asked to
create an account. If you already have a account it will
tell you to "Click here." If you are just setting up an
account, you will  be sent a verification
e-mail. Once you receive the verification e-mail, you
will be asked to click on the link in your email. You'll then
be taken back to the site. Once registered, click on "Ideas" in the
upper menu bar. Then in the "Search Ideas" on the right hand side
box enter "parenting education." Then Vote by clicking on
the rectangular "Vote" logo (the one with the number of people who
have already voted) next to the title, Make Parenting Education
a National Priority

You can make a real
difference!  America's children need and deserve the best
parenting possible.  You can help make it happen! So

Also please take a minute or
two and FORWARD this communication to your
family members, friends and colleagues so that they too can vote.

Thank you!

America's Alliance

Founder and Advisory Board Member
National Effective
Parenting Initiative
6260 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 304
Hollywood, CA 91606

Becka has a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and Development, and has 17 years experience in the field. She is a Certified Parent Educator and Licensed Baby, Toddler, and Preschool Sign Language Instructor. You can visit her site, at

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