Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flat O-Mite's Adventures In Shopping!

So today we took Flat O Mites shopping. He was quite excited! He helped me pick out my coupons

Then he hopped in the binder for the ride to the store

Wyatt and O picked out a cart, and Wyatt made sure O was strapped in nice and safe!

O and Wyatt were very helpful on our trip, and neither asked for candy!!! :)

After our shopping trip, Wyatt asked if we could take a trip to McDonald's, and so we did.

O Mite had some Sprite and a cheeseburger...

Then it was time to get the older 2 from school. O Mite had fun talking with Wyatt...

And even came up to the front to talk to me!

Wyatt is not feeling to great tonight, so Flat O Mite may not have too many more adventures before he departs to his next destination. He had a lot of fun though!!!

He does want to get a couple photo ops with the other kids, so we will have to make a point of that!!! 

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