Monday, October 5, 2009

John Tedesco for District 2 school board!

VOTE OCT. 6th, Tedesco for Wake School Board.

Tell a friend to vote, volunteer, donate, and spread the word. Visit us at for more.

PLEASE VOTE OCT 6th 2009 - Real Change Happens Locally. Your vote in 2009 is just as important as it was in 2008.


Fighting for a School System that puts children and families first!

What IF we had a school system that challenges our most gifted, raises up our most vulnerable, engages our families, and supports our communities?


As Wake County continues to grow and our financial resources are stretched, we have seen our school system significantly challenged. Around here we do not agree upon much - Tarheels vs. Wolfpack - Republicans vs. Democrats - and of course how we prepare our BBQ. But what we do agree on is our children. We want the best for them, and we want to have a say in the process that shapes them and our community.

As we elect school board members this October, we need to send strong proven leadership to advocate on our behalf during these challenging times. We welcome you to our site. Here we think you will all agree on one more item - a Garner family man named John Tedesco. John has spent over a decade helping thousands of our kids and citizens here and across America. He is a true champion for children, families and our community. His character, business sense and unique expertise to navigate complex systems on behalf of others, makes him the man we need Today!

We are proud to present John Tedesco for your consideration. Your vote in 2009 is just as important as it was in 2008 - in fact, this vote will impact us all, right here and right now. Please look around our site - get to know John and his views. John has a real vision for a school system that puts children, families and community FIRST. Consider who you would want advocating for your family and then on October 6th — VOTE John Tedesco for Wake County School Board District 2.


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