Friday, February 19, 2010

Discovery Bottles

What are Discovery Bottles?
Discovery Bottles are plastic water or pop bottles filled with different colorful materials.

Purpose of Discovery Bottles: To encourage observation skills, scientific concept

Discovery Bottle Ideas:

Wave Bottle: Turn this bottle on its side and watch as "waves" roll.
To Make: Fill 1/2 the bottle with cooking oil ( you can also use baby oil). The add water until the bottle is full. Add blue food coloring and hot glue the cap shut and you're finished!

Glitter Bottle: Shake the bottle and watch the pretty glitter move through out the bottle.
To Make: Fill the bottle with water. Add food coloring (your choice of color). Then add glitter. Hot Glue the cap shut.

Autumn Bottle: fall inspired bottle
To Make:Fill bottle with fall nature items (acorns, leaves, pumpkin seeds). Hot Glue cap to seal.
Calm Bottle: Watching the glitter slowly float in the bottle.
To Make: Add glitter then fill the bottle about 1/2 full with clear corn syrup. Hot glue cap to seal.

Estimation Bottle: Child has to estimate how many items are in the bottle.
To Make: Fill bottle with several items (such as rocks, or sea shells) Be sure to count how many of the item you add so you can tell your child how close their estimation was.

Place the finished bottle on a low shelf so your child can observe the bottles as they wish.

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