Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My last baby is officially growing up :(

So last night we had a friend over for dinner. As we were telling her about Evan's lack of sleep the night prior, I decided to do a baby gum check...and sure enough, I felt the tip of a tooth! It is not quite out yet, but it is there!

Well, this explains my...I mean his...lack of sleep! But it also means that my last little baby is no longer a little baby anymore!!!! I am not sure I am quite ready for this, but I guess I have to be :)

In the last few weeks he has started to crawl, as well as pull himself up on EVERYTHING! Does he not know that he is my last, and needed to stay a baby just a little longer?! Could he not have waited as long as my oldest and not gotten a tooth until 11 months?!

I know, he IS a baby...but I am just so sad that these are the last "firsts" I will be going through with my own children. They are growing up way too fast!!!!!!

He just does not seem much different now

from when he looked like this

Where did my baby go!?!?!

Oh well, off to take more pictures before that tooth comes through!

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