Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ye old Giraffe

So there's this giraffe. He was Nick's FAVORITE toy from about 2 months to a year. I took a recent picture of him. You would never know he was almost 11 years old...and he still has his original ring around the neck. This was taken just before I started this blog :)

I looked and looked to see if I could find a picture (not in the album, since my scanner is not set up) of Nick and his Giraffe. But alas, I could not. So I found a pic that was around the time he had gotten Giraffe. 

3 years and 4 months after Nick was born, and 2 years after he had basically forgotten about Giraffe, Nick's sister Michele was born and inherited said Giraffe. 

In this picture is also Pink Kitty, which was her lovey for 11 months...then mama lost it :( I am still torn up over this, 6 years (last month) later! Michele loved having this Giraffe, probably because it was her most favorite person's...her big brother!!!!! 

7 years and 4 months after Nick was born, and 4 years after Michele was born, Wyatt came along. Well, he also inherited Giraffe! We thought we had given it away, and we were SO happy when we found it! 

There he is!!! Playing with Wyatt and a friend at our house in North Carolina. Wyatt was not as big into it as Nick or Michele. But he played with it!!

And now, 10 years and 4 months after we got Giraffe, our last lil one, Evan, is now the proud owner of Giraffe. He seems to LOVE this toy, maybe even more then Nick did!!!!! 

I guess I am just sentimental, and can not believe that, after all the toys they went through, this seems to have been a favorite among all 4 kids at different ages! Evan as I am typing this, 7 month old Evan is happily chewing away at Giraffe!!

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