Friday, September 25, 2009

Flat O Mite's learning adventures

Flat O Mite noticed that Wyatt and the kids have an abundance of puzzles and other fun learning things, so he asked Wyatt if they could do a puzzle together.

Wyatt chose his Little Einsteins puzzle

Flat O enjoyed that very much and was happy with the end results...but we were missing a piece!

Then Flat O wanted to play with Wyatt's Little Einstein cards and learn his letters! He did a very good job, and recognized a lot of letters. He is one smart flat guy!

Then they took a break, and Wyatt rode Flat O around on his bike! Wyatt even let Flat O Mite take a spin himself!

Flat O is now waiting to be sent to Gilly and George for their next adventure!We can't wait to see who WE get next and what adventures we will have with our next Stanley!

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