Friday, September 25, 2009

Michele made the honor roll!!!!!

Michele made the honor roll at school!!! I am so very proud of my first grade princess! She is also very proud of herself. I hear nothing but awesome comments from her teachers about how smart, polite, well behaved, and friendly she is! She makes her mama proud!

Here she is receiving her award

Wyatt was very good while watching the ceremony (Evan was in his sling, so he couldn't get a pic taken!)

Nick's class was also there!

She was a very proud little lady!

I am so very proud of all of them! Nick is also enjoying the academically gifted program, and says he wishes all his classes were AG. We are going to try to get him into a Magnet program for next year, Michele too. (Nick will be in middle school!) If I could afford Montessori, they would go there!!!! (Luckily we have a Magnet Montessori, that is part of the school system!)

Congrats Michele!!!! We love you!

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