Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flat O Mites playtime!

We decided to have some fun with Flat O before bedtime last night. He had a blast building, playing on the computer, and playing with the kids.

Here he is helping Wyatt and Michele build

And then he decided to tackle a couple buildings of his own! I must say, he did a terrific job!!! He is one great builder!

He got a little jealous that I was taking all the pictures, so he wanted to take one of his own! Not bad if I do say so myself!

He saw that Nick was on the laptop and wanted to join in on what he was doing. Nick seemed to have no problems with this, and even let Flat O play a game! Nick said Flat O was a great video gamer!


Then Nick decided Flat O Mite was bored and played around with him...

After all that, Flat O Mite was very tired and wanted to go to sleep. He fell asleep on the couch!!! 

Flat O is happy Wyatt is feeling better, and we might be able to have a few more adventures during the weekend, before Flat O goes to his next destination!

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