Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cool craft idea: Stained Glass Leaf Mobile

Handprint Wreath
You'll need...
construction paper or felt in autumn colors
poster board or cardboard (I recycle boxes from Costco for this)
white school glue
brown buttons
hot glue gun

To make...
Create the leaves, by tracing your child's, or the entire family's, hands on colored paper or felt. Then cut several hands in a variety of colors.

Cut the wreath ring shape using poster board or cardboard.

Glue the felt or paper hands randomly around the wreath, u
ntil the cardboard is covered. Make sure they overlap a bit and have the fingertips fan out from the wreath.
Attach buttons, or nuts in a cluster with a glue gun; a job for a grown-up. Glue your ribbon to the back to hang on a doorknob or hook.

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