Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So long North Carolina! I will miss you :(

So as of last night it is official...after 3 years 4 months in North Carolina, we are moving BACK to NY. This is a day I actually never thought we would see. It took 2 days to get down here in July 2006. I loved it here from day 1! I did/do miss family and friends up there,, but thought this was our new, permanent home. Two of our children were born here. I joined the most AWESOME mommies group EVER before coming here, and made some great friends along the way.

I will bring back to NY with me, some great memories! Moms nights out, craft night, movies with friends, karaoke, drunk guys hitting my friends that are obviously pregnant, birthday parties, TM birthday bashes (3 to be exact) holiday parties, great fun, food, CAKE and more!

I know I have great memories where we are going, and will make more, and I will miss my friends here. I hope we stay in touch!!!

My kids have changed SO much since moving here, it is amazing to see the change!

Here is Nick when we first moved here:

And now:

Michele then:

And now:

Wyatt was born 7 months after we moved here:

February 2007

And November 2009

 Such big changes in my babies!!!!!!

Of course, Evan was also born in NC...

June 2009

And November 2009

What change in only 4 months!

It will be amazing to see the changes once we are in NY again, 3 years from now. I can only imagine what they will look like, and what my friend's kids here will look like.

I will miss the births of a few friend's babies, but I know I can share in the joy on Facebook and on Triangle Mommies!

As you can see, I am both happy and sad. Happy to be near family again, near grandparents who missed the first 2 years of Wyatt's life and the last 3 of the older two, as well as not being able to see Evan.

Sad I will be leaving such awesome friends here! (you know who you are: Katy, Lisa, Faith, Susie, Aisha, and many more!)

I am hoping to have a party to say goodbye to all my awesome friends and their families!

I am sure you will all see many posts when we get back...

I will miss you NC!

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  1. So not happy about this. I will miss MY babies. All of them. Evan MUST have taters before he leaves, I don't care if "he's not ready". Sad to know I will never be able to tell certain people how insane they are. LOL Sad to know my babies will grow up without seeing me and me seeing them. I am excited to see the changes they will make and how happy they will be but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sure you will visit and all that but it certainly won't be the same.
    Kiss them for me every day and remind them all how much I love them. Have some sweet tea for me as much as humanly possible in Yankee Town.
    I love you