Saturday, February 20, 2010

Text messages to help new mothers

New mothers don't always know what to do during their first pregnancy and the first year of their baby's life. Text4baby offers a free mobile information service to anyone who needs it. They send you facts, information, and guidelines via your mobile phone regarding your pregnancy. All you have to do is text BABY to 511411 and specify how many months you are and the predicted date of birth. From there, text4baby will send you 6 text messages during the first week, and after that 3 weekly tips timed to their due date or baby's month of birth.

These tips will cover a variety of topics including:
-Seasonal Flu
-Mental Health
-Smoking & Alcohol
-Oral Health
-Safe Sleep

Information about child birth and prenatal care is provided by National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition with support from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Health Resources and Services Administration. Following message development, they underwent a review process by several government organizations.

Research shows that 90% of mothers have cell phones. Allowing this important information to be at such easy access will save the lives of babies and mothers everywhere. Just knowing the right information will decrease the number of premature births, birth defects, and birth fatalities in the country, all of which are associated with lack of prenatal care.

This service will offer not only tips, but services that are available to mothers. They will send them information about prenatal care options around their neighborhood, and ways to be proactive about guiding a healthy lifestyle for them and their baby.

Mothers who sign up for text4baby are more likely to sign up for prenatal care. Prenatal care can help save money on health insurance. Premature births, which can result from lack of prenatal care cost a lot more money in hospital bills and health insurance than a healthy baby. Tips such as what to eat, when to exercise, smoking and alcohol texts will also ensure that their baby will be healthy.

This service will continue for a year after the birth. It will provide mothers with all of the essential information during their baby's first year of life.

This service is easy to activate just by texting BABY to 511411
Mothers can update their due date by texting UPDATE to 511411
And, if they would no longer like to receive these texts, they can stop them by texting STOP to 511411

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